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Inspiring Stories

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The Brigham is the best hospital in the country. -Carol Rabinovitz
I hope that my gift helps others to experience the calm I have felt during a health crisis. - Sharon Judd
Dr. Du gave me a reason to live. - Marjorie Nicholson
Brigham and Women's Hospital saved my life. - Bob Hayer
Our bequest is a thank you to the incredible people at the Brigham who never gave up - MaryJo Marra-Hauser
I believe that giving to a cause near to your heart lifts you up. - Lydia Schoenfeld
I said if I ever come back from this, which I have , I will give back. - Karen Scolamiero
The Legacy Challenge allows us to build on the level of excellence the brigham is know for around the world. - Betsy Nabel, MD
Our mom was proud of being a nurse and serving during WWII. Making a gift from her estate carries on her legacy. - Jean Levitan, daughter
All along, I felt protected and well-guided. I am incredibly grateful for the care provided by the Brigham. - Laurie Chandler
Researchers rely on philanthropy to get closer to unlocking new solutions, I 'm pleased to support this work. - Janna Brown
I want to make a difference for patients and families and show appreciation for my extraordinary care. - Karen Spikes, PhD
We hope people will be inspired to support Dr. Weiner's research. It is an important goal. - Garbiela and Robert Romanow
It feels good to help people I love while also supporting nursing care at the Brigham -Elizabeth Lane
Any prevention that can keep people from having to go through that, I'm all for it. - Donna and Thomas Royer
You feel good knowing you are helping people who will rely on the hospital's care for years to come. - J.Linzee Coolidge