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Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital chief medical officer Peggy Duggan, MD understands the importance of giving back, and has included the hospital in her estate plans.

Making a Long-Term Impact

For the past 20 years, Margaret (Peggy) Duggan, MD, has supported Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital (BWFH), both professionally and philanthropically. As a breast surgeon and the hospital’s chief medical officer, Duggan drives BWFH’s efforts to uphold its mission of providing world-class, patient-centered care to members of the local community. On a more personal level, Duggan gives back to further underscore her support for the work she and her colleagues do every day to help patients and their families.

“I’ve been a loyal Faulkner donor for my entire career,” Duggan shares. “The trajectory of the work we’ve done has changed over time but the power of philanthropy to sustain and advance our work remains constant.” 

Recently, Duggan made the decision to support BWFH by naming the hospital as a beneficiary of her will. Duggan’s estate gift will provide flexible funding to support areas of the hospital where it is needed most. 

“At some point, I’m not going to have a direct impact as a physician and administrator, but through my estate planning, I am able to continue my support of BWFH. I want to give back in a way that will help patients for years to come,” she says. 

Duggan hopes that her gift will not only help the hospital continue to offer great patient-focused care, but also show her children the importance of giving back. 

“I strongly believe you should have a portfolio of things you plan to do in life and that it should include giving back to organizations that are important to you. Making a gift through my estate was an easy and amazing way to make an impact at BWFH in the future.”

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