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 J. Linzee Coolidge Donor at [charity_name]

Legacy Society member J. Linzee Coolidge has chosen to support Brigham and Women’s Hospital and plan for his own future by establishing a charitable gift annuity.

Honoring Brigham’s History 

For more than 50 years, J. Linzee Coolidge has ardently supported Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH). In 1963, he became the youngest Board of Trustees member of the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital—a predecessor hospital of BWH—and has remained involved as a loyal advocate and donor. 

“It’s one of the foremost hospitals both in research and medical care, and provides excellent medical support in the community,” Coolidge believes. “A hospital is one of the most important institutions in any city and the Brigham is doing one of the best jobs at it.” 

Generations of Coolidge’s family received their care at the Brigham. “My father and great uncle also received excellent care here. It has been an important institution in our lives and our community and I want to see it continue to develop innovations that save lives,” he says.

Coolidge has supported a variety of initiatives at BWH, including The President’s Fund, global health, and the work of Marshall A. Wolf, MD. He also established a charitable gift annuity at the hospital that provides him with a charitable income tax deduction and payments for life. He is proud to know he has helped ensure BWH can continue to uphold its mission of excellence for years to come.

In recognition of Coolidge’s gift, he was welcomed into the hospital’s Legacy Society where he and other planned giving donors are celebrated for their unwavering commitment.

“When you set up a charitable gift annuity at the Brigham, you receive a tax advantage up front and guaranteed payments,” Coolidge says. “You also feel good knowing you are helping people who will rely on the hospital’s care for years to come. It’s a win-win.”

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