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When you join The Brigham Legacy Challenge, you will help the Brigham continue to:

  • Restore the health of patients around the world. Many come to us with the most complex of cases and oftentimes our top-ranked hospital is their last chance for survival.
  • Pioneer breakthroughs and first-ever transplants, and surgeries. As an international leader in medicine, we are the first hospital in the nation to perform a full-face transplant and the first triple organ transplant.
  • Uncover new findings and answers through groundbreaking research. With more than 3,400 scientists and clinicians, we are an international powerhouse in biomedical research that leads to healing, changing, and saving more lives.
  • Train world-class physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals. A major teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School, we have 1,100 trainees in over 140 of the most sought-after training programs in the world.


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