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Legacy Society member Jacques Prindiville has included Brigham and Women’s Hospital in his will in honor of the care his wife received.

Everlasting Gratitude

August 31, 2007 is a date permanently etched in Jacques Prindiville’s memory. On that day, the doctors at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) who were treating his wife Kyi Kyi for congestive heart failure gently pulled him aside. They shared the devastating news that his beloved wife was most likely not going to live.

Against all odds Kyi Kyi pulled through, and Prindiville credits his wife’s doctors and the excellent care she received at BWH for extending her life far longer than expected. “She lived for four and a half years [beyond what was anticipated]— with good quality of life,” Prindiville says. “Those years were a gift.”

To show his gratitude, Prindiville has supported many BWH programs that have impacted his life, including the Center for Advanced Heart Disease. Wanting to make an even bigger impact, he decided to include BWH in his will. 

Because of his deeply thoughtful gift, Prindiville was welcomed into the hospital’s Legacy Society. He is proud of the fact that the legacy he has created at BWH will save and strengthen countless lives in the future. “Brigham and Women’s Hospital has been there for my family, and I’d like to express my thanks by naming the hospital in my will,” Prindiville says. “The Brigham provides superb healthcare, and it’s up to all of us to help keep it that way.”

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