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Trudi Epstein

Grateful for the life-saving care Brigham doctors provided her, Trudi Epstein (shown here) established a charitable gift annuity to support research breakthroughs in cancer care, while providing lifetime income to her and her husband Neil.

A symbolic gift for cancer research

As Trudi Epstein considered a gift to Brigham and Women’s Hospital, she says 2018 was the perfect time to support the medical team and advancements that saved her life from uterine cancer.

For her, the number 18 has a significant meaning. “Chai” is the number 18 in Hebrew, but the word also symbolizes the gift of life.

“It reassured me to know I was in the best hospital,” says Trudi, who has been cancer-free for five years. “I was amazed by the Brigham staff and felt blessed by their empathy and investment of time in my care, as well as their knowledge and skill with highly sophisticated technology.”

To help more people benefit from this expertise, she established a $100,000 charitable gift annuity (CGA) at BWH. The CGA is generating income for Trudi and her husband, Neil, for their lifetimes, while supporting Trudi’s radiation oncologist Larissa Lee, MD, who is furthering research and technologic breakthroughs in cancer care.   

“It was easy to set up the CGA,” Trudi says. “We didn’t disrupt any of our savings or assets, and the benefits of the guaranteed income and reduced estate taxes made this a great option.”

She adds, “The best part is we are helping more people reach life-saving treatment. This treatment is truly the gift of life.”