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Joanne Chertok

Many grateful patients like Joanne Chertok, Legacy Society member, include [charity_name] as a beneficiary to their retirement plan.

Paying it Forward

As both a patient and donor, Joanne Chertok has witnessed firsthand the dedication Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH) has to caring and curing. Over the years, she became more involved with BWH, growing increasingly interested in the pioneering multiple sclerosis research of Howard L. Weiner, MD, and wanted to support his efforts. 

As a professional investment advisor, Joanne knew she could maximize her giving to BWH by contributing through her retirement account. “You don’t have to make a lot of money to be philanthropic and do for others,” she notes. 

When Joanne was 45 years old, she set up a separate Individual Retirement Account (IRA) naming BWH the sole beneficiary. She designated her gift to the area of the hospital she is passionate about, and still has full access to her IRA during her lifetime. Joanne is very proud to be a member of the BWH family and delighted to see her gift has grown. 

“I want to see the best care for everyone,” she says. “By naming the Brigham as a beneficiary of my retirement account, I hope to help future researchers make discoveries that will lead to yet unfound cures.” 

Upon making her IRA gift, Joanne became a member of The Legacy Society, which recognizes all donors who include Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH) in their estate plans. “I was honored to be welcomed as part of The Legacy Society and the Brigham family, she says." “It’s an easy and wonderful way to be able to give back.”

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